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Jdownloads on wrong position website
« on: 15.07.2021 18:16:56 »
Dear JDownloads users,
I have a problem and maybe it is very simple to solve, but I just can't figure it out myself.
Normally my website has some modules on the left and right side and a top menu in which buttons point to JDownloads folders. See picture 001.

When these are opened JDownloads with the subfolders opens in the middle. But now in the middle and the right side, where normally modules are shown, is completely lost. See picture 002. They are now somewhere on the left bottom of the page.
How can I fix this, and what data is needed to determine what is going wrong here. All information is more than welcome.
Re: Jdownloads on wrong position website
« Reply #1 on: 16.07.2021 09:18:03 »
 Looks to me that you did not enable the modules on your Downloads page. Which have nothing to do with jdownloads but a regular joomla setting.
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Re: Jdownloads on wrong position website
« Reply #2 on: 16.07.2021 12:41:32 »
You may have changed/added some extra jD Menu items so that the modules were not shown on that Joomla'page'The simplest solution is to set each module to show 'On all Pages' rather than just the selected ones.
(In Joomla! each 'page' is associated with one or more Menu items so when that menu item is selected then only those modules that are "attached" to that menu item are shown)
Colin M
Re: Jdownloads on wrong position website
« Reply #3 on: 17.07.2021 09:25:04 »
Many thanks for your reply, strange but true I don't know what are wrong. I have activate yesterday evening all modules and choose the current template. And still the same. Today I check again what I doing wrong. Te site are hosted external, but I also running internal on my nas a joomla version for testing. When you need more details or access please let me know. I use JDownloads many years but have make changes and update a lot. And it's always fun to do this on hobby base.