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Displaying the "New", "Hot" and "Update" icons
« on: 29.05.2021 17:39:40 »
Hello ColinM.
The question is not of the first importance, but your product is good - I am researching.

0. The initial position of the question is as follows - attached the file A_000.png.
    The "New" icon is black.

1. Point 1 - turn off the display of icons.
    Point 2 - I change colors for the purity of the experiment.
    Attached the file A_001.png.
    I save the settings.
    I clear the cache.

2. I'm going to the Frontend.
    I see a picture - A_002.
    The icons have changed color and continue to be displayed.

1. Am I doing something wrong?
2. Your opinion - is it possible to arrange icons in one line so that the display is more compact and there is not a lot of empty space?

Attached A_003.png

I understand that this is a matter of changing the code and things may not be as simple as I dream.

Re: Displaying the "New", "Hot" and "Update" icons
« Reply #1 on: 29.05.2021 19:32:47 »
Seems to me that you can go to lay-outs>downloads and edit the layout that is active to change it.
Re: Displaying the "New", "Hot" and "Update" icons
« Reply #2 on: 29.05.2021 20:35:52 »
I completely agree with you.
But the creators have done a lot of work to create this block.
I would like to help it to work efficiently.
Re: Displaying the "New", "Hot" and "Update" icons
« Reply #3 on: 30.05.2021 21:39:14 »
 In the Standard Files Layout 3.9 the normal view is that the various items are on one lineSee attached pic Icons etc01.png
It is controlled by the CSS specifically the in<div class="jd_title_block" style="">{file_pic}{file_title}{release}{pic_is_new}{pic_is_hot}{pic_is_updated}</div>
Actually the CSS jd_titleblock could be improved but it does not change the effect
Maybe you should exort the layout you are using so I a]can check what is giong on

Colin M
Re: Displaying the "New", "Hot" and "Update" icons
« Reply #4 on: 30.05.2021 23:04:33 »
Hello Colin.
Thank you very much for your answer and advice.
I have a suspicion why this is happening to me. I will study this issue and try to inform you.
Re: Displaying the "New", "Hot" and "Update" icons
« Reply #5 on: 03.06.2021 20:10:20 »
Hello ColinM!
I had free time - I continued to study.
For the correctness of the experiment, I use exclusively your branded Layout. I don’t make any changes.
It seems to me - Your Layout is not a problem in this matter.

1.When I use the standard Protostar site template everything is ok!
    Attached 001.png

2. When I include my site template, an inaccuracy appears.
    Attached 002.png

I don't make templates yet - a beginner. I also use the branded Free template.
It is free and available for download and installation.

3. Could you try displaying all download categories on this template? Or tell me with which standard JDownloads module outputs the block indicated in the attached image 003.png

I'm very curious to know - why doesn't my template do it in one line?
Thank you!

Re: Displaying the "New", "Hot" and "Update" icons
« Reply #6 on: 03.06.2021 20:24:35 »
The menu item "List my downloads" in this template looks like this - attached 004.png.
I wanted to fix this situation - but I don't know how yet.
Re: Displaying the "New", "Hot" and "Update" icons
« Reply #7 on: 04.06.2021 12:55:25 »
AndrewThe regular view looks like the attached pic.
Have you added any classes or similar in the menu item?  Also I note that you have in the mini symbols the text below the images so there is some different css being applied there as well  - that css might well be responsible for all the items in the the title block being in a list.
Please send me a PM (Private Message) by clicking on the whitish square with a tail just below my name with the address of your site and how to get to the pic you have shown as I would like to look at the generated CSS - do not at this time need access to the admin side.Also export the layout you are using and attch to the PM
Colin M
Re: Displaying the "New", "Hot" and "Update" icons
« Reply #8 on: 04.06.2021 14:36:57 »
Thank you for understanding my question.
I study jDownloads on my test site.
Ready to send you a link to the site.
In order not to complicate the question - I am ready to provide you with SuperAdministrator access in a private message.
I will be very glad if you find an opportunity to watch.
I can send you a message in a few hours.
Re: Displaying the "New", "Hot" and "Update" icons
« Reply #9 on: 05.06.2021 21:48:24 »
Thanks for helping me solve my problem.
Everything works perfectly!
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