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Import Downloads in DB
« on: 13.04.2021 11:06:48 »

because of hundreds of downloads am importing them directly in "jdownloads_files" table.

I have just a question though. Is asset_id (last column) important ? I just have a doubt about having conflicts with same asset_id assigned  to other joomla components (like joomla articles).

SO far I have set all asset_id to 0 and it's working fine.
Re: Import Downloads in DB
« Reply #1 on: 14.04.2021 11:11:04 »
you should never try to import manually data in the files table. the data structure is not so simple. And yes the asset_id is important when you want to use special permission settings. Otherwise is 0 okay. But more important is (as example) the right values in the category fields.

You can easy use the scan feature (monitoring) to get a clean and valid structure for the start. Afterwards could you change manually data for Downloads but be careful.
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