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automatically upload files in another category also in jdownloads 3.9

Started by, 01.04.2021 10:26:03

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Hi all,
Directly, I am taking an example to illustrate the need.

Need - I am uploading three files File A, File B and File C into Category A, Category B and Category C respectively. I want all three files to be uploaded in Category April2021 automatically. I don't want to upload all three files in Category April2021 explicitly.

I have searched the same need at many places and also in forum. I didn't find any similar thing. Now I am posting this request in hope that I will definitely get help as everyone does.
I am in state of nowhere. Pl help!!!!

Thanks in advance


I think that you are saying that having uploaded the three files once you do not want to have to upload them again.
For example they could be very large files.
I understand that you want to refer to them as Downloads in a separate categoy.  This you can do but not automatically.
Let me explain a bit more.  A Download consists of at least two parts: the downloadable file and the database entry.  The Database entry has things like the name of the Download (the Title), the Alias, who uploaded t , which file symbiol, descriptions, which category, a password if required, the access level, the permissions and so on and so on.
These database entries cannot be made automatically.
When creating a Download in another Category you can select the option 'Or select file from an existing Download'
So what you wish can be done.
However I think you might be asking to automaticaly copy every thing uploaded in a month into an alternate 'monthly' category.  Is this to see the most recent uploads?  You can of course organise Downloads to be shown in date order and in a variety of other ways.
Perhaps you could explain what you are wnnting the users to see.
Best wishesColin
Colin M

Thanks for reply!!

Let me make it clear more. I want a place or category where I can see every file uploaded in a month (Month starting from 1st and ending on 30th/31st). I want to see every file uploaded in March 2021(1st march to 31st March) at one place.
5-6 registered users are uploading files in different category. They are seated at different locations. I want to display all files at one place Month wise.
I understand Jdownloads Latest module. But this module works on number of files . I need month wise segregation.
Pl help me. I also want to say thanks for support in advance.
I am big fan of jdownlads.



You can do this OK in the backend by selecting the Date Created column.But if you want to show your users the Downloads Created in a specific  month and year then we would need to add a new module.  Things are very busy at the moment as we are trying to get version 3.9.8 out.  Arno will then concentrate on v4
It might be easier to just select current month or previous month. Please let me know whther selection of actuasl date range or otherwise in the parameters

As an interim you couild use Latest with say a limit of 50 items
please remind me when you see that 3.9.8 has been released

Best wishes Colin
Colin M

Hi Colin,
Sorry for late reply!!! Was busy in fighting covid19.
Thanks for your reply!!
I will be waiting for this module in jdownloads. Definitely I will remind you when version 3.9.8 will be released.
I will be eagerly waiting this module as it will solve a big requirement for me. Date selection or monthwise segregation will solve my problem. Please do the needful as I right now I am diverting the website users with some other tricks(like latest 50 or latest 100 circulars). But a new module for the same will give a big relief to me as well as for website users.