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I'm running Joomla 3.9.24 and jDownloads When I unpublish given downloads in the Joomla Admin CP, and then refresh the page in the front end (using "List All Categories" menu link for jDownloads), unpublished download(s) are still listed. When an unpublished download is clicked from the front end, it displays the following:
Error - The requested data was not found in the database. Please inform the webmaster.
The orange "Download" button is not present for unpublished items in the front end. When the download is published, the download button reappears, and the download functions as expected. Is this a bug, or intended functionality? Thanks for any assistance!

Not intending to bump my own post, but just realized something and see no "edit" option to update my original post. I realized I was logged into the front end with an admin user. I tested the same with a non-admin user, and was NOT able to see unpublished downloads.
I assume this is a mystery solved, but please do advise if this is regardless some bug, or unintended behavior. Thanks.

HiHmm! I cannot reproduce your problem until your secone post! So thanks for the extra info.
It is intended that the Super user can see more things from the front end as basically Super Users skip all checks. The edit pencil is shown in blue and there is no Download button.  But the title link is still active.  So technically this is an error so I will add it to the bug list.
What I did find after your first post was
1. if I had some Downloads showing on the front end on a browser tab,
2. then on a separate backend page tab I unpublished a Download that was currently listed on the Front Page tab
3. then returning to the Front end page tab and clicking on Download caused a 404 error.
This could obviously be improved by checking that the Download is still published - but ths is very obscure and unlikely to be fixed in my view.
Colin M
I started to do a check in order to make a bug report  but I found I could not repeat the problem!!
Each time it ended up giving me a proper error report
"The requested data was not found in the database. Please inform the webmaster." and redirected back to the overview.
Could you advise your Options - Front End setup  in the 'Download Sequence' please
Colin M