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I'm searching for a solution for my download section. Some of the downloads should be free, some should be purchased with AltaUserPoints.

I could setup everything so this works, but since those purchases are "Livetime purchases", I wonder if there's an overview over the purchased items somewhere.

If not: Any advice on what would be possible to build such a thing?

The second question: Is there any possibility to bundle the purchase of jDownload Entries for a payment with AltaUserPoints?

Thanks a lot ^^
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Understand that you have got Alta User point working OK with jDownloads.
By " overview over the purchased items somewhere" I presume you mean is there a module or similar that shows what has been 'purchased' with points recently.
At the present there is regetably no such facility in jD but it sounds a good idea.  Perhaps there is a something suitable in AUP?
ColinPS one of the present aims in jD is to have an integrated 'shop' but we have not yet implemented - the time scale is unkown as we must concentrate on Joomla v4 compatibility
Colin M