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user wysiwyg frontend editing

Started by wacl3, 18.12.2020 01:25:10

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Is it possible to turn on the front end wysiwyg editor (JCE) for the users to edit text in descriptions.  Also I DO NOT want the front end user to have access to the buttons below the text box in the editor, ie  Download  Simple Image Gallery Pro  Module  Menu  Contact  Article  Image
Long Description...
Is it possible for the front end users to have wysiwyg editor but no access to buttons as described above


I also want to limit the amount of wysiwyg editing buttons available to the front end users.  ie I dont want the front end user to be able to access the media folder eg, so I dont want 'add image' available to the front end user...


The simple answer is yes.Most of the work required is in the JCE editor to set up a specific profile.
It is also simpler if those users who are allowed to edit the Downloads are in a specific User Group called say download-editor whose parent UG is the Registered UG.
In the JCE Editor you can control which buttons appear on the JCE panel.

For the Buttons such as Button-Field that are in the Plugins you can control who can see thse by setting the Access to a view level that does not include Public, Registered or download-editor.

Colin M