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Access rights in the backend
« on: 30.04.2021 16:23:14 »
Access rights in the backend seems to have some issues.

- jdownloads Create right does not work without edit rights
- Giving a user to only create and edit rights to only one category results in nothing. no create or other button is available

What i want is that i can give group access to a category so that the can maintain it(create edit delete) from the bacnked.  When i check rights from a download  in that category i see that  the group have all rights but the can`t do anything with the file(message edit not allowed).In the frontend however the can edit  it.

I have a test site with logins if you want to test it for yourself.
Re: Access rights in the backend
« Reply #1 on: 02.05.2021 15:57:38 »
I have sent you a PM about this topicThe requirement that the UG has both Create and Edit permission is intentional - it is not a bug :)
It seemed irrational to allow someone to be able to create but not even be able to edit a simple spelling mistake!!
The other parts are dealt with in the PM
Colin M