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After upgrading to 3.9 [Solved]
« on: 13.10.2020 15:11:21 »
After upgrading to 3.9 some downloads don't show the download button because of permissions.

I have modified permission jus for 1 item, then it worked.

You know we over 1000+ items so is there any code to SQL all downloads be the same permission.


Please see attached 3 screenshots!

I have checked all rows on the database but couldn't find the correct:
UPDATE XXXXX_jdownloads_files SET license='1' WHERE license='0';
There were some Deny permissions that had to be set back to Inherited.  Also some module overrides ussing jD3.2 code that needed removingColin
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Re: After upgrading to 3.9
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Best not to attempt to correct by using the database.  It has nothing to do with License.  All the permissions are handled by Joomla in multilple interrelated db tables!!!

I have usually been able to solve Permission Problems.
It would seem that the permission chain did not go through
I will contact Arno
ColinPS Please only use PMs for sensitive info
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