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Error installing 3.9.5 [solved]
« on: 14.09.2020 13:46:02 »
After a lot of misterious problems with jdownloads after upgrade from old version i decided to do a clean install. removed every mention of jdownloads from database and started fresh.

Upon install i got this error:

JInstaller: :Installeren: Fout SQL Table 'tltest_schaken.#__jdownloads_usergroups_limits' doesn't exist
Extensie Update: SQL fout verwerken zoekopdracht: DB functie is mislukt met het volgende foutnummer 1146
Table 'tltest_schaken.#__jdownloads_usergroups_limits' doesn't exist

ALTER TABLE `#__jdownloads_usergroups_limits` ADD `importance` SMALLINT( 6 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' AFTER `id`;
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Re: Error installing 3.9.5
« Reply #1 on: 14.09.2020 14:16:36 »
Seemed like it checked the tmp folder for older installation files. cleared that and it installed fine. locking this thread.
Re: Error installing 3.9.5 [solved]
« Reply #2 on: 14.09.2020 16:33:55 »
jDownloads does not check the temp folder.
But maybe Joomla? Which installation option have you tried (upload/folder/url/discover/install from web)?

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