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List All Downloads menu item returns error - [Fixed in 3.9.2]

Started by dougdiamond, 13.08.2020 18:58:49

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I have upgraded from 3.2.69 to latest stable release 3.9.1 for the website

All went well and I saw the success message.

The downloads on the site are all PDF documents in one category. There is a menu item of the type "List All Downloads" that now returns an error page:


If I change the menu type to "Single Category" all the downloads appear.

For now I have left the menu type as "Single Category" since there is only one category on the site and it works for visitors.

Perhaps you can look into the error that appears on the menu type "List All Downloads".

Please note that the same error now appears on another site where we are using jdownloads. That site was testing the earlier beta version and we did not see this error... so perhaps this error has been introduced in 3.9.1.



I will check this and coming back to you soon.

Fixed in 3.9.2. (coming later today).

When you want to fix it directly in your 3.9.1 installation:
- copy the (unzipped) attached file in this directory: Joomla_ROOT/components/com_jdownloads/views/downloads/tmpl/
and overwrite the original file
Best Regards / Gruß
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