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Bootstrap 4 Layouts
« on: 07.08.2020 14:48:32 »
Hi, are there any BS4 Layouts available yet? I just upgraded a website i'm working on for a client and it is going to use T4 framework which is J4 ready and also uses BS4 already. So thats why i'm looking for BS4 layouts.

If they don't exist i'll create my own layouts but it would be better to contribute back to you guys and help get the BS4 layouts ready instead of doing it on my own i guess?
Kind regards, Tom - TLWebdesign.nl
Re: Bootstrap 4 Layouts
« Reply #1 on: 09.08.2020 11:36:53 »
With the 3.9 version we do have one bootstrap layout - it is in the Download DetailsPersonally I favour going to flexbox style layouts rather than the bootstrap versions for the next upgrade.
We are of course also working on the v4 Alpha
Should also mention that the layout organisation in jD3.9 is more logical - the jD3.2 version goes back many, many years.
Best wishesColin
Colin M
Re: Bootstrap 4 Layouts
« Reply #2 on: 10.08.2020 12:03:03 »
Ah okay yeah that makes more sense.