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Content Plugin only {jd_file fi...
« on: 17.06.2020 19:32:31 »
Hello everybody.

I'm desperate.

I am integrating jdownloads into another project. (in the old one everything works perfect)

Only the code is shown in the Content Plugin for Articles!

e.g. Text blablabla {jd_file file == 2}
in the code is <div> {jd_file file == 2} </div>.

Actually all necessary modules and plugins are switched on.
I use JCE Editor and SP Page Builder in the new project.

Thanks for your support

Best regards and stay healthy
Re: Content Plugin only {jd_file fi...
« Reply #1 on: 18.06.2020 11:59:33 »
HiHave just re-checked that content plugin is OK in jD 3.9 and also that the Editor button plugin is also OK

First the simple things which are sometime overlooked!
Presume you have enabled the Content plugin and have set a default layout in Options - Content Plugin
Could you please test with a direct simple article that does not use SP Page Builder - I have no experience with SP Builder Pro but perhaps it requires allowing 'other' plugins - have had a quick look at SP Pro and it looks good but can find no reference to plugins in the documentation. 

Have also just tried their Chat page but got reffered to the Forum  but that requires a subsciption ......I was giong to ask if there is any support in SP Page Builder for Content Plugins
Colin M
Re: Content Plugin only {jd_file fi...
« Reply #2 on: 18.06.2020 13:20:00 »
Hi ColinM,

thx for your support.

It seems that sp pagebuilder pro prevents this!

But why is a download layout / template displayed here and not a button?


lay people should be able to use it.
Therefore I would not like to insert an online layout override or change the standard layout, since it should be displayed when downloading via the form page!

maybe I'm just standing on the tube

Re: Content Plugin only {jd_file fi...
« Reply #3 on: 19.06.2020 15:04:30 »

When I click on the link I got the attached image.This does have a Download button - I assume you have change to a different button style/font --because of SP Builder perhaps?

Colin M