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Download urls wrong in translated pages
« on: 05.09.2018 10:18:42 »
Hi Team,
I found an error in download urls. It occours only when the page is translated but not in default language (my site is localized in Italian then translated by Falang).
When I see a page localized in Italian, Jdownload urls are ok, when I see the same page localized in translated language JDownload urls takes ids from articles instead jdownloads.
I installed jdownloads extension for Falang then I fill in "Jdownloads Downloads" items and "Jdownloads Category" item but the result is the same.

Is it a Jdownloads problem or a Falang problem?

Joomla! 3.8.12
jDownloads 3.2.62
Falang 3.0.0
Jdownloads extension for falang 3.2.39 https://www.faboba.com/en/composants/falang/extensions/alphaindex/j.html
PHP 7.1.20-1+ubuntu16.04.1
web server nginx/1.10.3
mysql 5.5.5-10.0.34-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.16.04.1
joomla cache disabled

Error occpurs both with and without SEF
Using joomla translation system Jdownloads urls are ok

In attachment you can see the same page localized in italian (default language) and in english. Italian url is ok, english url is't because it takes an article id.
italian url ok:

English url is wrong
Article url:

[gelöscht durch Administrator]
Re: Download urls wrong in translated pages
« Reply #1 on: 05.09.2018 18:25:35 »
Think this is a Falang problem.  It may be that the Falang extension for jDownloads is not upto date.  However I did download the Falang jD extension and it does seem to match with the jD database entries although I am not so sure with the UsersGroups Setting Table entries.  But on balance I do not think that is a challenge.

Another possibility is that you have opted for 'Modern' URLs as set in Global Config - Atticles - Integration tab and this might be confusing Falang.
Please note that I do not use Falang so I have no expertise in its details. But given it is only happening with the Falang derived links then for me that seems the mostlikely cause of the 'challenge'.Colin
Colin M