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Title: proxy
Post by: thilo2621 on 21.10.2020 10:51:49
HiI'm using this component behind a reverse proxy for our intranet.
For some reason every page I try to open in the menu of jdownloads takes exactly 1 min to show up; proxy settings in main configuration of joomla is set and works as it should.
Now my question: is there any link implemented in the component which is not using the proxy setting of joomla but tries to connect directly to the internet?

Title: Re: proxy
Post by: ColinM on 21.10.2020 17:49:04

 Apart from the 1 minute delay for a jD Menu item,  is downloading working normally?
Which version of jD are you using?
The menu itens are typically of the form
Code: [Select]
<a href="/jdx39beta/index.php/list-all-downloads">list all Downloads</a>
And a link to a Download is typically
Code: [Select]
<a href="/jdx39beta/index.php/my-downloads/summary/10-am-cat/28-24-service-sheet" title="Download">24-service-sheet</a>In the Checkdownload area on the jD control panel the links are absolute
Code: [Select]
<a href="http://localhost/jdx39beta/administrator/components/com_jdownloads/helpers/scan.php?key=DOjSd6uHtOnVYrcm&amp;mode=1&amp;test=1" target="_blank" onclick="openWindow(this.href, 480, 365); return false">Search only for new Directories</a>The upload directory path is also specified absolutely.  That would be used in the the Create Download sequence .  Is this where you are having a challenge?
Title: Re: proxy
Post by: thilo2621 on 22.10.2020 13:52:46
My fault - Sorry - should have specified that this problem occurs only in backend, frontend is working perfectly normal.
Using joomla latest and jD as well.