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Thursday, 15 October 2009 12:53

config-language Since we have published the 1.5 beta release, the translation team works on new translations. The translation file format has changed, so all older translations worked not longer. In the meantime, this translations are finished:

  • Spanish by Tux Merlín
  • Bulgarian by Stefan Ilivanov
  • Chinese by baijianpeng

Spanish and Bulgarian language files can you find in the download area here. The Chinese language files can you download from the translators website here. More translations are in work, but the language file is long and the translation is a hard job. Many thanks at all translators for her help and assistance!

Update 2009-10-23: Today we have received a catalan language pack, translated by Carme Pujol. Many thanks.

Update 2009-10-24: Today we have received a serbian language pack, translated by Vasilj Miloševi?. Many thanks.

Update 2009-10-28: Today we have received a turkish language pack, translated by Tolga. Many thanks.

Update 2009-11-10: Today we have received a polish language pack, translated by Dariusz Gwó?d? (Eddie69). Many thanks.

Update 2009-11-24: Today we have received a Brazilian portuguese language pack, translated by Elcio R. Valentim. Many thanks.

Update 2009-11-29: Today we have received a Danish language pack, translated by Henrik Th. Jespersen. Many thanks.

You find all translations here in the download area.