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Latest jD Version

For Joomla 3.1/3.2:
jDownloads beta
Feed Icon Release Date: 2014-01-23

Latest jD Version

For Joomla 2.5:
jDownloads stable
Feed Icon Release Date: 2013-12-27
jDownloads Features PDF Print E-mail

jDownloads is a extensive Download Manager for the award winning Content Management System (CMS) Joomla.
jDownloads make it easy to integrate downloadable files in your Joomla Website.
jDownloads has a lot of special features, which you don't find in another download component.

Main Feature
  • Unlimited Category Tree
    The downloads can be organized by customised categories and subcategories. For every category will be created a folder with the same name. So you have exact the same structur on your server as in your download area.
  • Access Rights for Categories
    You can set the access rights for categories to user groups: all, registered, special. You are able to set the rights different for view and download. A sample: all guests can view the category (and the files) but only registered users can download the files.
  • Custom User Groups
    With jDownload can you define user groups to set the access to a download category only to members from a user group.
  • Frontend Edit functionality
    You can define in the configuration, that all registered users can edit/update/delete her own downloads in the frontend. Additional can you select a jDownloads user group, which can edit ALL Downloads in the frontend.
  • Auto Monitoring Function
    jDownloads check with this the published categories and downloads. When new folder or files are found, it will be automaticly added to the jDownloads database. So you can use a FTP program to move all your folders and files to your server and add all the folders (as categories) with all files (as downloads) in a single step automaticly to your download area. If published categories or downloads not found, the function set it automaticly to unpublish.
  • Mass Download Function
    With this special feature, the user can download all, or only marked files (where listed on the site) in only one step in a single temporary zip file.
  • Custom Data Fields
    You can use maximum twelve custom data fields with different file types (Input fields, Text fields, Date Fields, Select Box fields) for your Downloads
  • Store Files: Remote or Local
    Files can be hosted local or linked from a remote server. Also possible: links to sharehoster files.
  • Anti-leech System and Path Protection (Optional)
    The built-in anti-leech system avoids direct linking to documents and also never displays the real file path for Internet users.
  • High configurable Layout System
    jDownloads use for the frontend output a own layout system with simple placeholders. This is high configurable and easy to use.
  • A Great Many Options for the Configuration
    About one hundred sixty options in the jDownloads configuration give your the full control over the component.
  • High configurable Frontend Upload Form
    You can set what user group can use it and what fields are displayed.
  • Integrated Search Function
  • Integrated License Agreement System
    You can also set, that a user must first agree the license before he can download.
  • Auto Thumbnail Creation
  • You can upload for every download max. three pictures in any size. After the upload will automaticly created a thumbnail from this pictures.
  • Send E-Mail after Download
    If this is activated, an e-mail is sent to the addresses (specified in the configuration) after every download.
  • Send E-Mail after Uploads
    If this is activated, an e-mail is sent to the addresses (specified in the configuration) after every frontend upload.
  • Javascript Star Rating System
    With this, visitors can rate downloads. Sample: star_sample
  • View a Countdown Timer
    With this, you can display a countdown timer (like Rapidshare) for unregistered users in the summary page. He can first download the file, when the counter is zero.
  • JoomFish/FaLang Support
    XML content definiton files for JoomFish (in Joomla 2.5 with FaLang) are included, so you can translate all of jDownloads output (categories, downloads, layouts) to different languages.
  • MP3 File Support
    jDownloads has the free 'Flash MP3 Player' integrated. So you are able to use it for your MP3 files easily.
  • Basicly PAD-File Support
    See for more information.
  • JComments Support
    jDownloads supported the JComments component.
  • Jom Comment Support
    jDownloads supported the Jom Comment component.
  • AlphaUserPoint Support
    You can use jDownloads with AlphaUserPoint component in many ways. So can you it also use as a simple payment system.
  • Google Adsense Support
    You can display your Google adsense code in many variations in all layouts and in the components header and footer.
  • Backup and Restore Function
    jDownloads has integrated both functions. So you can easily make a full backup of  the jDownloads data tables. Also a data restore is done with a few clicks.
  • Easy Updates to Newer Versions
    You can anytime uninstall the jDownloads component without losing any data. That make an update to a newer version very easy.
  • and much more...
Extensions for jDownloads
  • Content Plugin for jDownloads
    With this plugin, you can display downloads or categories with many variations in your content. See
    for more informations about this wonderful plugin.
  • Search Plugin for jDownloads
    With this plugin, you can also use the Joomla search module to find downloads.
  • Many Module for the Frontend and Backend
  • Special Plugins for 3rd Party Components

What does jDownloads not do at this moment?
  • A review feature is not included in the moment, but planed for later releases.

If you wish to support further development of jDownloads, you can use the donations function on the mainsite.