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Multiple files to one download
« on: 15.04.2018 21:57:25 »
I have a situation that is perhaps similar to some others:

I have one description of a software, but it comes in different versions (for different types of hardware)

Would it be possible to have multiple files linked to one download description?
Just like we can have multiple pictures shown for one download? It should probably be linked to the version field.

This would give basic support to have version support on the resources.

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Re: Multiple files to one download
« Reply #1 on: 17.04.2018 07:19:02 »
I still can not find the answer just like you.

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Re: Multiple files to one download
« Reply #2 on: 17.04.2018 11:21:05 »
jD is set to have one File for each Download.
But you can select multiple Downloads to be downloaded in a single zip file.
For this you need to select a Files layout that supports checkboxes such as 'Standard Files Layout with Checkboxes v3.2'

This layout can also be in a more compact form.  Also you can set a version value in the Download when it is created/editted. See pic.
Could also be a single line version of the layout.

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Re: Multiple files to one download
« Reply #3 on: 18.04.2018 12:48:21 »
Alternate could you use the jD content plugin to list (and link) to the other versions.
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