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Show parent category in details
« on: 14.04.2018 15:29:47 »
I have a repository where resources for different RC-radios are posted for download. These resources are on their turn written in version 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, ... etc. of the operating system of these radio's.

I have set up the operating systeml version as a category, and the radio's as subcategories.

All works fine, and in the menu showing the top downloads, the category is shown as 'parent/category'.

This means that two dowloads for the same radio but for different operating systems can be recognized as such.

But if I click on the dowload, I have no clue anymore for what Ooperating System the download is (that is, from which main category).
I can only display the category (being a subcategory) in the download details.

Any way to get the parent category in the download page as a separate entity, or have it displayed in the 'category' field with mention of the parent category?

Since TAGS are not working, things are getting tricky to find when having a two layered category setup.


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Re: Show parent category in details
« Reply #1 on: 17.04.2018 13:03:42 »
The quickest solution might be to include a Breadcrumbs module such as shown in attached.

Various jD modules will show the category path but that is not helpful here.
Could you please add in a Suggestion to be able to show the category path in the Download Details layout