Author Topic: Can i select a file from online folder?  (Read 318 times)

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Can i select a file from online folder?
« on: 07.03.2018 18:38:00 »
Hello, all my files are already on a folder inside website, i have uploaded by ftp, why i can only "upload" a file? Can i select a file directly from a directory?

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Re: Can i select a file from online folder?
« Reply #1 on: 08.03.2018 17:15:40 »
The basic answer is yes.
Just for clarity the jD root directory is normally called jdownloads and this is sited in your Joomla root directory.  You can see this in the jD config Downloads tab as the root directory - it should show all the directories as writable.
Please do not be tempted to change the root directory it may seem a good idea but it can cause unexpected things!

Before doing anything else go to jD Config - Monitoring tab and ensure that field Download Directory Monitoring is set to No

The jD categories are sub-directories in the jD root file. The downloadable files are the contents of the these directories PLUS relevant data base entries.  The top level categories are the first set of sub-directories and so on.

If you have a very large number of files then because of server time limits then limit the number of file and directories to be processed to say 500 at a time.  A sensible way  with a large number is to use jD Categories page in the backend to create the top levels and if appropriate some of the sub-level Categories.

Copy the relevant files and directories into the appropriate jdownloads sub directories using your host website file manager (eg CPanel).

When you have finished then go to the jD control panel and click on the 'check downloads area now' on the status tab of the righthand panel