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upload configuration
« on: 10.08.2017 15:41:21 »

i'm a bit lost in acl settings

so - before  searching till death - maybe someone can answer  the question
if it is possible to configure the upload (popup) in frontend in the following way

three usergroups should be able to upload to different categories(folders)-sets;
group1 only to category A and B; group2 only to category A and C; group3 only to category A & D;

in other words;
showing special sets of folders for special usergroups is easy in download views;
what about the upload view?

thanks, bernhard

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Re: upload configuration
« Reply #1 on: 10.08.2017 20:10:11 »
This is controllable through the Joomla! permissions.
Set up four user Groups say A-ug, B-ug, C-ug and D-ug and with Registered as the parent in all cases.
Modify the Users Groups settings of all three groups to ask the appropriate questions. Set Ranking of A-UG to say 133 and modify the Users Groups settings for ug-A to ask the appropriate questions as all the uploaders are members of ug-A and I presume that all Downloads are to have the same qustions.
Set Create & Edit permissionsfor ug-A on Cat A, Cat-B, Cat-C & Cat-D one cat at a time.
Set Create & Edit permissionsfor ug-B on Cat B,
Set Create & Edit permissionsfor ug-C on Cat C,
Set Create & Edit permissionsfor ug-D on Cat D.
Each time you set the permissions for a ug do a Save as that causes the propagation of the permissions
Never use a Deny as it will have unintended consequences.

All Cats will of course need Download permission for the Public UG - I presume they are to be publicly available, otherwise set Download Permission on the Registered ug.

There are variations on this set up depending on precisely what you want so if my assumptions are not as you seek please explain.
You might find the articles in the section