Author Topic: attach some attacchments to a pdf file  (Read 269 times)

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attach some attacchments to a pdf file
« on: 20.03.2017 11:57:49 »
I'm trying to create a site by my self and i installed JDownload to menage some files.
These files sometimens have some attachment that are showen in their short describtion as you can see in the image below

So opening the page for the creation of a new download I saw the plugin download and I tought it would have allowed me to do the same thing, as it happen in a joomla's article! Instead when I tryed to upload a couple of attachment in my short description of the download, they automatically appeared in the changelog section and in the front-end they don't appears

Therefore I wanted to ask if there is a faster solutionton than create a link inside the short describtion, to recreate the same action of the first image or if I'm not using in the right way the download plugin!
Sorry for my English but I'm Italian!
Thank you

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Re: attach some attacchments to a pdf file
« Reply #1 on: 20.03.2017 22:13:21 »
I will try to help but I do not fully understand!  Have you looked at the documentation?
You can put a Content link in a jDownload Description, best if you set the layout type to something like 'Files link and icon v3.2' with {jd_file onlinelayout==layout name} in your description before the {jd_file file==*DID} where *DID is the Download id

The actual Download may have but does not have an downloadable file associated with it, that is you could just use the links in the description if you want.

You might also find articles
for general info and article
useful as it also applies to jD descriptions