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SEF Problems in bilingual site
« on: 11.01.2017 10:51:12 »
this problem was already discussed in the forum but I haven't found any solution until now:

I have a menu item for downlads whith the following URL: http://www.panch.ch/mitgliedermenue/downloads.
In German everything works fine when I click a category. When I do the same in the English site the following happens:

The main URL is correct: http://www.panch.ch/en/members-menu/downloads .

But when I click on a category a part of the URL changes into German, e.g. http://www.panch.ch/en/mitgliedermenue/downloads/category/4-protokolle instead of http://www.panch.ch/en/members-menu/downloads/category/4-protokolle.

As soon as I deactivate SEF URL in the Joomla configuration everything works fine. Could you tell me a solution? If you want to check it on my website you need access data for the members part of the site. If so please let me know how I can send you the datas.

Thank you for your help. Regards Patrik

J 3.6.5
JDownloads 3.2.46

EDIT: I solved the problem by using Redirect in the .htaccess file.
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Re: SEF Problems in bilingual site
« Reply #1 on: 13.01.2017 18:29:27 »
ich muss gestehen, dass ich bisher keine allzu großen Erfahrungen mit mehrsprachigen Websites habe. Ich habe es halt selber noch nie gebraucht.

Hattest du denn für alle Bereiche (Menüs, Kategorien, Downloads) jeweils zwei Versionen erstellt? Also einmal mit der Sprache deutsch und einmal mit der Sprache englisch?
Best Regards / Gruß
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