Author Topic: Can't Delete Downloads/Categories in jdownload  (Read 96 times)

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Can't Delete Downloads/Categories in jdownload
« on: 13.01.2021 10:55:01 »
Hi, An Administrator  updated  a huge folder with a lot of subfolders  and around 1000 Files via FTP to the jdownload directory.
So we deleted the folder in the directory via FTP.
Now when i try to delete all these files in teh Backend under jdwonloads > Downloads
i got an Error
- Zugeordnete Datei(en) nicht gelöscht da nicht vorhanden.
Fehler] and im not able to delete all thes entries. How can i clean this? On the other hand, when i use "Check Download area now." i got always an Error Message (s. Printscreen). What does this error message mean? Thank you. All the best. Christoph

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Re: Can't Delete Downloads/Categories in jdownload
« Reply #1 on: 14.01.2021 16:16:29 »
HiAll the linkage between the files and the categories are in the database!  So detroyng the actual category by using an external facility such as file zilla causes a 'challenge.
To restore the situation go to the jD control panel and use the pull down next to the "check download area" to select Check CategoriesSee
The Category will be unpublished so that no one can see it or anything below it from the front end but you can go into the Back End and delete the files in the various sub cats below the unpublished cat. Then again from front end uyou can delete the categories.  That is you need to delete the Downloads first then the lowest level category working your from there
Use the search facility to find all the Downloads in a category, uou can select them all for deletion.

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Re: Can't Delete Downloads/Categories in jdownload
« Reply #2 on: Today at 11:11:08 »
Hi Christoph,
What does this error message mean?
es besteht ja in der Konfiguration die Möglichkeit, die Dateinamen nach bestimmten Vorgaben zu bereinigen oder zu verändern (Leerstellen beseitigen etc.). Ist dann als Ergebnis dieser Veränderungen der Dateiname leer, erscheint diese Fehlermeldung. Passiert eigentlich selten. Du solltest einfach mal in dem betreffendem Ordner dir die Dateinamen ansehen. Ebenso die Einstellungen.
Best Regards / Gruß
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