Author Topic: Unknown column 'a.cat_id' in 'on clause' [Solved]  (Read 393 times)

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I use Acymailing version 5 and the JDownloads plugin.
After installing the beta I can not add any Tags within the newslettereditor.

Error 1045: Unknown column 'a.cat_id' in 'on clause'

In Acymailing 6 are no problems
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Re: Unknown column 'a.cat_id' in 'on clause'
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HiOh dear!  We have tried to let people know that not all other extensions may have been updated for jD3.9When you were installing jD3.9 beta 5 it pointed out that only the standardextension had been upgraded.
Also the documentation on the upgrade explain morehttp://www.jdownloads.net/documentation-for-v3-9-beta/getting-started-v3-9/from-jdownloads-3-2-to-3-9   Basically we had to change some database name for better Joomla compliance
But is Acycling 6 OK - if you could confirm then I will add to the documentation
EDIT: Would confirm that Acymailing v6 is ok
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