Author Topic: Logs showing multiple downloads per download request  (Read 125 times)

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I was reviewing the download logs and noticed that there appear to be multiple downloads (of the same file) for each download request. The number of log entries varies between 1 and about 12. No one reports actually receiving multiple copies of downloads. I've tried it myself and the download seems to be working properly but multiple entries appear in the log.

Has anyone seen this before? Is the log correct (i.e., multiple downloads) or is this an "artifact" of something else?

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Re: Logs showing multiple downloads per download request
« Reply #1 on: 10.01.2020 16:51:08 »

Looks like your downloads are being split into segments.
In Config - Downloads tab is 'Send Downloads using the PHP Script?' set to Yes? Or is it or No?

Also please check your php.ini file to see if you have output_buffering=Off  If you have it as output_buffering=On or output_buffering=4096 (which turns it on with a buffer size of 4096 bytes) then you will get downloads in 'chunks'.