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Exporting download list
« on: 25.10.2019 14:05:57 »
This is not directly a jDownloads issue, but related. (hope somebody knows what's going on)

I try to create a list of downloads by doing an SQL query.
This works fine on screen, but fails if I add INTO OUTFILE, and I don't understand why...
(according to the manual this should work:

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Re: Exporting download list
« Reply #1 on: 30.10.2019 00:12:18 »
I think you should try it in a MySQL forum.
I have never use this.  :-[
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Re: Exporting download list
« Reply #2 on: 02.11.2019 09:56:34 »
Wie man hier sehen kann, ist deine SQL Syntax falsch:

Die INTO OUTFILE Anweisung muss vor FROM. Also vermutlich so:
SELECT file_id,file_title,url_download,size INTO OUTFILE ‘test.csv‘ FROM jmdnx_jdownloads_files