Author Topic: can same user see multiple create forms with different options?  (Read 591 times)

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can same user see multiple create forms with different options?   IN the examples of creating a new upload (form) from front end.

You have uploaders & uploaders-full.
Can you have in the group uploaders, not only fixedcategorycreate form, but also have additional forms say, form1create, form2create, form3create,,,ALL with DIFFERENT option views...(ie different form elements showing for each form….)

form 1create, do not show descriptions tab or the file language, or license.
Form2create, dont have the images tab. Etc

Is this possible?


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no this is not possible.
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Hi,Each User Group can only have one form.  And each User Group in jD must have a different ranking value.
An individual person could have multiple Joomla! logon user names and each such user could belong to a different User Group with its individual form.The documentation does explain the need for a ranking value to solve the multiple to one problem.  The heart of this is the Joomla! inheritance rules that are fundamental to the entire permissions system.
I wonder why you might need a single user to have multiple forms. Perhaps if you could explain I might be able to find a way through - but I am not hopeful :( Colin