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Download permission to registered users
« on: 10.07.2019 16:17:07 »

I just realized that all my downloadable files can be publically seen but none of them is downloadable.

My plan is to have those files be downloaded but only by registered users. How do I make this happen? Do I have to change this for every file manually one by one or ise there a way to make this happen for all files with just a single change of a setting?
 Also I tried to change the default permission for registered users (in JDownload) to Allowed for the download property, but still doesn't work, a label is shown beside each file saying that the user doesn't have permission to download.
Can somebody please help? Cheers

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Re: Download permission to registered users
« Reply #1 on: 13.07.2019 21:38:20 »
The ability to see a Download or a Category depends on the View Access.
It is the Permissions that control who can Download.  The way permissions work is that if you give a permission to one user group then that permsion is inherited by all of the decendants.  For example all users who are members of the Registered User Group (UG) are also members by inheritance of the Public user Group.
Suppose you have two top level Categories one called Public-Cat and the other call Registered-Cat.  Go to the Registered-Cat and set the Registered group to Allowed permission for Downloads - then Save - do not do Save & Close at this juncture, the Save will propogate the permissions to any sub cats and Downloads.  When the Save has completed you can then Save & Close.

Then go to the Public UG for Registered-Cat and set the Download permission to Inherited (it is probably set to inherited already) and Save. Again when Save comples then Save & Close.  You may see that Download permission is already allowed by inheritance and this will have come from the Component Permissions which we will fix in a later step.
Now go to the Public-UG of the Public-cat and set the Downloads Permission to Allowed and Save.  Check that the Downloads Permission of the Registered UG is inherited.
Now go to the jD System Permissions and set the Public UG premission to Download to Inherited and Save.  Then close and check all is wellNever use Deny as it has many unforeseen side effects
ColinPS there are several articles in the Documentation.