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Strange behaviour of Top Checkbox
« on: 09.05.2019 21:57:56 »
  • Joomla 3.9.6
  • jDownloads 3.2.64
  • Layout with checkboxes
I discover that the top checkbox (to check all availabe downloads on a page) doesnt't show on the first page, if the downloads of a single category are distributed on several pages. The limit in my configuration  is set to 6 downloads per page.

So on a page with 4 downloads everything is fine.
On a page with 9 downloads, the top checkbox doesn't show on page 1 of 2, but on page 2 of 2.

Any ideas what is provoking this?


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Re: Strange behaviour of Top Checkbox
« Reply #1 on: 10.05.2019 13:56:48 »
Have same setup as you but could not reproduced!  See picsAccessed both via list all cats and with a menu item that was direct to the categorySeemed to make no difference if sub cats were or were not present.
Did the title bar (pic 3) appear on both pages?Colin