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Falang issues
« on: 13.07.2018 11:23:49 »
I uploaded falang Jdownload content(http://www.faboba.com/en/composants/falang/extensions/item/jdownload.html),
But then error orrured:
1.An error has occurred when click Falang "translation" button.
    1146 Table 'A925859_ppcew.ppjm_jdownloads_cats' doesn't exist SQL=SELECT COUNT(distinct c.cat_id) FROM ppjm_jdownloads_cats as c LEFT JOIN ppjm_falang_content as jfc ON c.cat_id=jfc.reference_id AND jfc.reference_table='jdownloads_cats' AND jfc.language_id=2

2.An error has occurred when click Falang "orphans" button.
    1146 Table 'A925859_ppcew.ppjm_jdownloads_cats' doesn't exist SQL=SELECT jfc.id as jfc_id, jfc.reference_id as jfc_refid, jfc.value as titleTranslation, jfc.modified as lastchanged, jfc.published as published, jfc.language_id, jfl.title as language, jfc.original_text as original_text, c.cat_id as id, c.cat_id, c.cat_title as title, c.cat_title FROM ppjm_falang_content as jfc LEFT JOIN ppjm_jdownloads_cats as c ON c.cat_id=jfc.reference_id LEFT JOIN ppjm_languages as jfl ON jfc.language_id=jfl.lang_id WHERE c.cat_id IS NULL AND jfc.reference_field='cat_title' AND jfc.reference_table='jdownloads_cats' AND jfc.language_id=2 LIMIT 20, 20

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Re: Falang issues
« Reply #1 on: 13.07.2018 12:06:50 »
Hi,Both error reports come from the same source:"Table 'A925859_ppcew.ppjm_jdownloads_cats' doesn't exist".  This is not a jDownloads table. Also I do not recognise any other of the SQL references.
Have you used Falang previously? If not it may be some setup error with Falang.I do not know about Falang as the jD extension is created by the Fatlang people. So best to contact them.
I did look up the site and saw the Falang extension for jDownloads references 3.2.39.  This might of course be a reference to which version of jD they tested the extension.  There have been some changes in the jD database since that version.

Edit:  Noticed that version has date "Updated on 29 October 2015" 
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