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A quick question about downloads
« on: 13.07.2018 09:58:53 »
When installoing the 3.2 update from 1.9, I got into some problems and the installation failed. After several attempts it succeeded, though.

But I never got any options to update the new database with my old downloads.

Is there a php-file that i can call or any Sql-spripts I can use to update the new table (I still have the old downloads in the SQL-table jdownloads_files_backup).

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Re: A quick question about downloads
« Reply #1 on: 13.07.2018 10:58:16 »
HiI presume you now have jD working on Joomla 3.2 series satisfactorily.
Which route you take now depends on how many Downloads you had on your old site.  And specifically if you had made much use of descrptions, images and previews.
If these are not extensive then you could copy over the old files, say 50 at a time, using FTP (I use FileZilla) to their target locations and then use the auto monitoring mannualy.
Just for reference the documentation does show how to transfer the existing data but I think you may be too far along to use that scheme.http://www.jdownloads.net/documentations/item/how-to-upgrade-jdownloads-component-from-1-9-x-to-latest-3-x-version
If you give me more details then I can help more specifically.Colin