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Need help?
« on: 26.06.2018 11:56:47 »
Hello Everyone

I recently discovered the automatic upload of files through jdownloads. (I use to put files using the external site fonctionnality).

I'm facing a problem though : When upload is finished, my file is indeed ready for people to see, and they can download it with the download button.
But flowplayer displays an error message : 200, stream not found.

How can this be ?

Thanks a lot for your answers

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Re: Need help?
« Reply #1 on: 26.06.2018 13:59:04 »
I do not understand your question!!  Could please be more specific please.  Presume you are uploading a video file- is that true?Have you published it?  Have you set up the flowplayer parameters in jD Config media tab? Have you tried HTML5?  What extentsion type is youir video?

Please could yousuggest a better topic than just need help as that does not heelp others who might have a similar problem