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Hello ,
I have made a layout with 2 different areas.

The first one is not a download it is a preview for video files.
The video is only shown in the details page and only for specific User group. This download doesnt have a download file.

The second normal downloadfiles  with files only to download for guest or usergroup.

My problem the checkbox_top and the form_button shouldbe hidden if there are no files to download or there are no permission to download. I have tried a lot in the override-file but I'm not a php-freak. Could anybody help with the override?

My second problem is, that in the view "Alle Downloads"

no Icons is visible width the info tooltip like lock
or eye

I dont know why, but in the original layouts of the component this was the same. How could i make them visible in the override?

Thank you

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HiYou wrote
My problem the checkbox_top and the form_button should be hidden if there are no files to download
The standard Files with Checkboxes layout does not show a 'tick box' if there is no downloadable file in the Download, it shows an info button. Please see pic 'no file in download.png'
or there are no permission to download
Again jD shows an info icon, please see pic 'no perrmission to download.png'
So why do you need an override?Actually there is a third instance when an info button instead of a check box occrs, that is when the downloadable file is on a remote server. See pic 'Other server.png'
Note that in the third pic I used the compact layout version that is available in the Layout Libraryhttp://www.jdownloads.com/index.php/downloads/category/10-layouts-library.html