Author Topic: I'm new to the group. Please help everyone  (Read 92 times)

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I'm new to the group. Please help everyone
« on: 11.05.2018 09:45:26 »

When I do a upload of file from front-end, I would like to automatically publish this file on download area, but I must publish the file manually.

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Re: I'm new to the group. Please help everyone
« Reply #1 on: 12.05.2018 17:31:50 »
Please first see

In User Groups Settings - Group Creation/Editing Settings tab there is a field 'Publish new Downloads' which will allow automatic publication of Downloads uploaded from the front end.

For the Backend go to jD Config - Monitoring Tab and set field'Automatically publish Downloads?' to Yes. So during Monitoring then newly discovered files (and folders) are published immediately. But if tou create in th Backend using the Downloads section you have to click on the Publish field