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Custom Layout: Download URL without button
« on: 18.01.2018 02:23:06 »
I'm creating a custom layout and would like to use my own button styles rather than the built-in images in order to keep the look consistent with the rest of my template. I need a variable in the Files layout that gives me only the URL to a file, without the button. I don't see one on the list - is there a way to get this?

Just for example, I'd like my code to look like this:
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<a href="{url}" class="button">Download File</a>

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Re: Custom Layout: Download URL without button
« Reply #1 on: 18.01.2018 19:22:33 »
The code gererated that creates the button is something like below dependent upon on the colour and size selected in the jD Config
<a target="_blank" href="/jdx2/index.php/all-cats/send/8-public-downloads/55-helen0-1" title="Download" class="jdbutton jorange jsmall">Download</a>
It has classes jdbutton which is the basic shape, jorange which determines the colour and jsmall which determines the size.

You could possibly create an override of the code which creates the output code.Probably simpler is to use custom css to create a button that looks like the one in your site.  If you PM me details of your front end I will take a look to see what might work.