Author Topic: SMS Recovery Guide: Recover Deleted SMS from Android  (Read 32 times)

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Who doesn't have those moments when a single mistaken tap results in deletion of a life's worth of SMS? We all have been the victims of such misplaced taps at least once our life. The good thing however, is that it is possible to retrieve deleted SMS from android. Android phones have been programmed so as to keep a record of the deleted data as well. That data can be accessed using data retrieval softwares provided that it has not been written onto. There are many apps available on Google Play for the purpose some of which are free, others paid.
Speaking of reliable data recovery softwares,Fonedog Android Data Recovery is one of a kind, all in one data recover software that enables user to recover any kind of deleted data almost instantly. It can be used to recover deleted text messages, photos, documents, contacts and much more. It does not require the users to engage in a lot of technicalities or take a lot of time out of their routine. It merely asks for a click and then takes care of all the data recovery process itself.
Some steps to recover deleted SMS from android are as fllow.
Step1:connect recovery to your computer.
Step2:Select SMS file to scan.
Step3:Preview and recover deleted SMS file.
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