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Download Problems - User Reported
« on: 27.11.2017 18:38:42 »
Hello, my first post, and I'm inheriting a site that uses jDownloads, and have no experience with the product. I'm confronted with user reports of downloads failing, and no indication of a problem in any logs in jDownloads, Joomla. Apache shows a few errors, 206 but there are a few compared to over 30 complaints received so far. All files in the download section below 100mb are working perfectly. All problems are associated with the files larger than 200mb. Obviously there is a setting somewhere that is affecting this, but I'm unsure where to check. I have tested the downloads myself and I'm getting failure about 30% of the time.

 jDownloads is using the htaccess/php options enabled and monitoring is off, using version 3.2.56 on Joomla 3.81 running Apache on Godaddy.  I probably missed some details, but any assistance would be appreciated.

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Re: Download Problems - User Reported
« Reply #1 on: 27.11.2017 19:19:18 »
Will try to help.  Most problems are with uploads not Downloads so it is a little puzzling but my initial suspicion is a timeout.
Is it a particular type of file, eg say pdf or mp3. or whatever?
Do you know which browser is being used?
But I think you should also ask the GoDaddy people as it may well be their server is particularly busy or similar - I am suspivious of this as you had some 30% failure When you had a god download.  Links below from GoDaddy community, all fairly recent, sounds similar to yours

I searched for "Large Downloads on Godaddy"