Author Topic: Direct link to download shows notice instead of login form  (Read 318 times)

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Hi there!

As it says in the title, I'm trying to show joomlas login form when someone is trying to access a download which they're not allowed to get (if they're not logged in).

I've managed to have one category with public downloads for everyone which works fine and some more categories for registered users only. They should be visible and it only shows the download button when people are logged in (which works fine).

On the website should be a few links to those downloads so people can directly get them without browsing through the categories, but only if they're logged in, and this is where it stops working. It only shows the message from COM_JDOWNLOADS_DOWNLOAD_NOT_ALLOWED_MSG and not the login form.

I was reading the documentary and browsing the forums, but I can't find the appropriate infos to fix this. Any pointers what I'm doing wrong would be much appreciated.

Best regards,

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You are not doing anything wrong.  The facility to redirect is not there!  But it is a good idea to have as an option.
This is not a simple code change. Not everyone would want to automatically redirect to a logon in such a circumstance so it would probably need some extra configuration parameters.  Also there could be different login extensions.
PS please post suggestion in the Suggestion area so it does not get forgotten!

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Hey Colin,
thanks for the information, I was under the impression that this was possible, since I found a lot of posts describing that kind of behaviour (at least in the older versions). Anyhow, I'll post it over there and hope for an update. Technically it would be enough to have the login form on the same page and just reload the referring page I reckon.
Best regards, M