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Black background
« on: 17.10.2017 22:35:41 »
When I generate thumbnails from PDF files, they are generated with a black background and are therefore unreadable.
Where can I please fix it?

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Re: Black background
« Reply #1 on: 18.10.2017 17:38:35 »
When jD generates the pdf image the text parts are  generated with a transparent background.  So I guess your website has a black background.
One can override this with some CSS in the jdownloads_custom.css file

For example if you want an 'Off white' colour back ground then add to your  jdownloads_custom.css file the following NB note there is a 'dot' at the start of the jd_screenshot line

Code: [Select]
.jd_screenshot {
    background-color: #fbfcf3;

If you are not sure how to add the css then see the article below

Please let me know if this solves your problem