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Import external link to jdownload
« on: 30.08.2017 10:37:16 »
I have a web site with a lot of external link to external document (mostly pdf). I have installed jdownload and i wonder if  there is a way to ask jdownload to scan all my articles, find the external link, import the document and then change the external link to a jdownload link ? Thanks for your help.

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Re: Import external link to jdownload
« Reply #1 on: 30.08.2017 19:54:20 »
Wow, that would be good if it existed. But sorry it does not.
Actually the work involved is not the difficult.  Either way you need to create the Categories and Downloads in jD.  Temporarily I wou;d suggest you re upload the files by creating the relevant Categories or Category and then uploading the files again into the relevant categories so as not to upset existing links.  You can then use the Monitor function in the control panel to automatically create the new Downloads.
Might be wise to turn Auto monitoring Off in the Config - Monitor tab and set the auto publish to yes.
Then a case of editing each article to call be the content plugin using the jD Download editor button.  Also set yor defaut Layout in  Config - Plugins tab

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