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As I just wrote to Arno Betz (info@jdownloads.com),
I have used jDownloads with satisfaction for some years in different projects.
It’s a great extension!

For my needing I had to ‘fix’ and extend some jDownloads functionalities, mainly to have conformance to standards; in fact one of my projects had to be “accessible” and fully html conformant.
So I worked on your code base, starting from the version available in October 2015 and I upgraded it at every (kind of) new version release till latest v 3.2.52.
So now I have a 3.2.52 jDownloads version ‘fixed’ and extended.

I want to express my gratitude to jDownloads authors and maintainers, so I would like to share my work with the developers, so they can  integrate these fixes in their development cycle and make this great software even better.

In detail, I modified 18 files in 17 folders of jDownloads package, These are the main results:
-   Content plugin: Added a new parameter
-   Added editor button (a new plugin) to create Downloads (and upload files) from frontend editor
-   File icon type is automatically selected on file upload selection
-   Layout, css and html are fixed for a correct html-validation and accessibility (WCGA 2.0 AAA)
-   Completed menu itemid management
-   Fixed some minor typos
-   Enabled expand/collapse jDownloads module tree
-   Using proper layouts, composed of <div> elements only, you can have all views completely HTML-compliant (https://validator.w3.org/ ) and WCAG 2.0 AAA compliant (“accessible”, https://achecker.ca/checker/index.php )

You can easly compare the differences between official 3.2.52 release and my “3.2.52 – HP” version using tools like WinMerge (http://winmerge.org/) or similar.

All mods, fixes and additions have a description an can be easly located with a files content text search of the string “HP-“ (all capitals).

I am available to cooperate to help the integration in jDownloads codebase.
Is jDownloads codebase publicly available in any repository? On GitHub?

(I would attach here my "jDownloads 3.2.52 - HP.zip" package, but I am not sure if the authors will like that. So I wait their response.)

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Re: CONTRIBUTE to development - Enhanced v3.2.52 - HP
« Reply #1 on: 06.08.2017 11:39:35 »
I will let Arno respond to most of your suggestions but I would like to take up the part about layouts.
Using proper layouts, composed of <div> elements only,
All the layouts marked with 3.2 are entirely <div based and designed to be responsive. All new installs only have the v3.2 versions of the layouts.

There are some additional <div based layouts in the Layouts Library see

Also there is a note about pre-jD v46 updates where some changes occurred.

It would be useful if you could export your layouts and then send to me in a PM as a zip attachment together with any additional css.

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Re: CONTRIBUTE to development - Enhanced v3.2.52 - HP
« Reply #2 on: 08.08.2017 15:04:59 »
I just sent you a PM, with requested files (not verified, but should be the right ones ;D)

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Re: CONTRIBUTE to development - Enhanced v3.2.52 - HP
« Reply #3 on: 08.08.2017 18:15:30 »
Thanks livio for your modifications. I must check your work a little bit more before we can add it in the version 3.2.54.  :)
Best Regards / Gruß
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Re: CONTRIBUTE to development - Enhanced v3.2.52 - HP
« Reply #4 on: 09.08.2017 11:31:19 »
The standard jD v3.2 layouts have a <div structure for all parts of every layout. I have looked at your Layouts and summarised each one in the notes below.  Think your claim that they are all <div based is not quite accurate! Or perhaps you sent me the wrong ones?  Did like inclusion of <section tag in files layouts. That apart I suggest you look at the v3.2 style layouts and customise those.

Have you looked at the Layouts Library?  There are several downloadable layouts there including more compact versions and scrolling layouts.

Categories Layout "Categorie_Allegati_(su_4_colonne)" -This one does not use <div tags and is <table based.
Category Layout: "Standard Category Layout v2.5 - MOD" is also does not use <div tags and is <table based.
Files Layout "Bollettino" does use <div tags in the main body but still makes use of <table elsewhere.  Noticed it also had no Header part.  Liked the use of the <section tag to enclose the main part.
Files Layout "Elenco" is similar in tag usage to "Bollettino". Has a header part
Files Layout "Elenco-minimal" makes more use of <div tags than "Bollettino" and "Elenco" but still uses <table tags in header and footer.
Files Layout "Elenco-no-img" is same structure and tag usage as "Elenco-minimal" and, as name implies, shows no images.
Files Layout "solo-link" is clearly intended for use with the Content Plugin. The main part has no HTML and just uses the {file_title} placeholder.  Content of other parts are not important when used in Content Plugin
Download Details Layout "Dettagli Allegato" is mainly <table based but has some <div tags, one of which nicely uses <li tags to list the details.