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best tutorial sources
« on: 14.05.2017 10:12:52 »
Hi everyone
I'm new to Joomla and I want to start learning it from the basics. I wanna know if there is any comprehensive and reliable source for learning that in a short time. There are many online tutorials on different websites but I couldn't find a good one !

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Re: best tutorial sources
« Reply #1 on: 14.05.2017 12:00:58 »
It may seem out of date but actually I would recommend using a book rather than a video tutorial.  The videos are a 'how to do' and provide you with a step by step guide.  But they do not tell you the principles and why. And it may cost.  But a book allows you to read around a subject - then you can try it out.

Which is best is an impossible question to answer as it depends on your current knowledge.  Most books allow you to read a bit before you buy so best for you is perhaps the one you feel most comfortable with.


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Re: best tutorial sources
« Reply #2 on: 11.07.2018 10:32:10 »
After reading the content from this site, it feels like it is very useful.