Author Topic: Is the main file on an external web page?  (Read 212 times)

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Is the main file on an external web page?
« on: 19.03.2017 04:47:01 »
Dear jdownloads support:

  when i want to closed this option  " Is the main file on an external web page?" when add a downloads on front-end,and set Yes as default  value, how can i do this?
   (i mean ,all downloads must be on external web page,so no need this yes or no option anymore , i want to delete this field)

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Re: Is the main file on an external web page?
« Reply #1 on: 19.03.2017 13:20:00 »
Just to clarify, a Download consists of multiple items. One of these is the file to be downloaded.  The other parts such as title, description, and so on are always stored on your server. The usual place for storing the file to be downloaded is also on your server.  Sometimes the file may be stored on a different web location such as say a youtube video, that is on an external website.
You can select which questions are asked on the Front End when making or editing a Download by changing the User Groups Settings in the Group Creation/Editing Settings tab for relevant User Groups.  This includes asking if on an external site or a mirror location.
If you are unsure the article below might help.