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I search for a solution in the forum to the message "No files available yet for this category!" in a category when it has subcategories with files.

I just found this post: http://www.jdownloads.com/index.php/support-forum.html?topic=5588.msg21422#msg21422 but in the end a solution was not created in the admin panel.

I also could not find the string
Code: [Select]
if (! E mpty ($ files)) in the latest version of the jDownloads 3.2.46.

I found the following text string in: / components / com_jdownloads / views / category / tmpl

Code: [Select]
// display only downloads area when it exist data here
        if ($total_downloads > 0){
            $body_cat = str_replace('{files}', $html_files, $body_cat);
        } else {
            $no_files_msg = '';
            if ($jlistConfig['view.no.file.message.in.empty.category']){
                $no_files_msg = '<br />'.JText::_('COM_JDOWNLOADS_FRONTEND_NOFILES').'<br /><br />';           
            $body_cat = str_replace('{files}', $no_files_msg, $body_cat);

Can you help me with the code so that the message does not appear in categories (empty of files), but only show subcategories (with files)?

Thank you

PD: I have customized the message in the capture that I attached
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In jD Config - Front End tab, use pulldown to set field 'Show empty categories message?' to No, then Save & Close.  You may need to clear browser and Joomla! caches before it takes effect on site and reload page.

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Hi ColinM,

Thanks for your reply, but if I desactivate the message, it does not appear in SUBCATEGORIES that are empty.

Can you help me with the code so that the message does not appear in categories (empty of files), but only show subcategories (with files)?

I need this: http://www.jdownloads.com/index.php/support-forum.html?topic=5588.msg21422#msg21422 , but the code is different in JDownloads new version  :-\

To understand us:

CATEGORY 1 without downloads (no showing message)
  • Subcategory  with downloads (no showing message)
  • Subcategory  without downloads (showing message)



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Hi Diego,
this is currently not possible.
The message means only that the current listed category has not any Download. This has nothing to do with any subcategory.
Best Regards / Gruß
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Ok, thanks. It is a pity!
Most of the time in a tree structure the categories do not have files, but the subcategories do. Let's wait for the new versions  ;)