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2 layout concerns
« on: 29.11.2016 16:55:10 »

Excuse me in advance for translation, I made with google Translation :).

I have 2 small problems in the layout.

1st problem.

I would like to be able to modify the menu with the General, Search and Return buttons at the top of each page :

But I can not. I created a template from the New button and went to Edit header and footer area and then Layout from the header area. Any changes I can make are well taken into account in the category Mother categories, but not in the subcategories :

|- Téléchargements
|-|- Documents
|-|- Communiqués de presse
|-|- Affiches

Yet in my 2 models in Categories and Files, I set Yes to Use for subcategories ?.

2nd problem.

This may be the same cause as for the first problem. In the Header and Footer area of the Categories and Files model, the code is not taken into account. For example, for the footer. There is a button, without text, that I would like to delete :

In the Footer field there is this code :

Code: [Select]
<div class="jd_footer jd_page_nav" style="">{page_navigation}</div>
<!--Files layout footer-->
<div style="" class="jd_back_button">{back_link}</div>

I therefore deleted :

Code: [Select]
<div style="" class="jd_back_button">{back_link}</div>

But the button is always present.

What I do not understand is that the display code is well taken into account.

jDownloads 3.2.46
Joomla 3.6.4

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Re: 2 layout concerns
« Reply #1 on: 29.11.2016 18:49:37 »
First thank you for doing the Google translation - that helped very much.

Now a little explanation.
jD displays its information in the main part of the central area of the template, that is where one would expect to see an article.  All the standard v32 layouts show the General, Search and Return buttons as in the attached pic.
There are  five separate principle layout classes: Categories, Category, Files, Details and Summary. For the moment the ones we need to look at are the Categories, Category and Files layouts.  The structure of the layouts has some historic background.

In regard to the layout field "Use for Subcategories?" this only appears in the Categories layouts.  This is only set to Yes in one Categories Layout, "Standard Categories Layout for paginated Subcategories 3.2".  Please do not change that particular layout at this juncture, and any you have set please put that field to 'No'.  The paginated subcategories were a 'late' addition in the 1.x series of jD.  If it turns out we need to change the paginated ones I will guide you through but to date it has not been necessary!!

I would suggest that you revert temporarily to the following standard layouts as the Active ones.
Standard Categories Layout v3.2
Standard Category Layout v3.2
Standard Files Layout without Checkboxes v3.2

Actually you could do a Save & Copy on each of those and set the copies as the active layouts. When you do a Save & Copy it will come up with a name like "Standard Files Layout without Checkboxes v3.2 (2)".

That should solve Problem 1 as the top of the 'area' is the usual place.

With Problem 2 I understand you do not want the back button.  The modification you suggested that is removing
Code: [Select]
<div style="" class="jd_back_button">{back_link}</div> will do the job in principle.
Now each of Categories, Category and Files layouts has its own header, sub-header footer and main sections.  What is also challenging is to determine which header or footer is being used so it needs to be removed from each of the footers!! :(
And yes it is on our future list to re-organise but we need to maintain a reasonable degree of backward compatibility.
So each of Categories, Category and Files layouts has its own header, sub-header footer and main sections. 

There are better Files layouts available at http://www.jdownloads.com/index.php/downloads/category/10-layouts-library.html

Please let me know how you get on.  Al;so it might help if you PM me your site address - I can just about manage to read in "website"French! But the code underneath is the same :)


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Re: 2 layout concerns
« Reply #2 on: 01.12.2016 08:59:50 »
Thank you for the answer. I put it aside because I would not have time to lean on it. I would come back to you to give you news of advancement.

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Re: 2 layout concerns
« Reply #3 on: 09.12.2016 15:01:09 »
On the site for which I needed help there will be no downloads. So I'm not going to look at the solution you gave me. And in addition I would not have time. But if I have the opportunity, I would look into it. Anyway thanks for your help :) .