Author Topic: Cannot activate two layouts for two languages [solved - not a bug]  (Read 1213 times)

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I would like to activate one layout per language, I have French and English, in the layout "Category"  I have one layout marked as French and one Layout market as English, I can only activate one layout (French or English) instead of both of them.

I get this error message : "Only ONE layout can be selected as the active layout" but how we do when we have multi language website ? I should be able to activate one layout per langage like in Joomla for menu you can link menu between language.

Could you explain me what to do ?

I have join a screenshot to better explain the issue

Thank you very much


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Re: Cannot activate two layouts for two languages
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The layouts do not provide any text, it is just the screen appearance.  Obviously you need to load the relevant jDownloads language files as well as the Joomla! ones see http://www.jdownloads.net/translations

jD comes with English and German preinstalled.
I am not an expert in multi language sites!
My best understanding is as below.  But you could also use the Falang extension

You need to set your site up as a proper multi-language site. Then all the standard text in jD will appear in the selected language.
This is then ok for everything except items like text in a jD Category or Download.
I believe that constructs such as below will work when the multilanguage setup is working.
{en-GB}Automatically assigned description{/en-GB}
{fr-FR}Description automatique par defaut{/fr-FR}
{de-DE}automatische Standardbeschreibung{/de-DE}

Please correct if you find different.

PS this is not a bug as Layouts are not language specific - the control the layout of the jD content, not the content itself - so moved to General
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