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Category subscriptions from users
« on: 20.03.2016 16:30:45 »


is there an option or an add-on, that makes it possible, that users can subscribe to a category, so all the users are informed by e-mail of new file uploads to this certain category?

I didn't find such an option in jDownloads configuration, nor in the documentation. Maybe someone knows how to realize this?

Or could this be a (nice) feature for a future version?


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Re: Category subscriptions from users
« Reply #1 on: 21.03.2016 10:27:31 »
There is not an email 'service' that advises uses when a new Download is added in a category.
I have moved this post to Suggestions

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Re: Category subscriptions from users
« Reply #2 on: 16.12.2016 00:52:01 »
This plugin enables you to insert files link (one by one or by a selection on one or several categories) from Jdownloads in your Newsletter.