Author Topic: After frontend uploading file, it goes to another menu item [Not a Bug]  (Read 2499 times)

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After I upload a File from the frontend (and the upload goes ok), I'm redirected to another page, for example I go to the jEvents component page, if I unpubhish this menu item (jEvents in this case), it goes to a 404 page.

I didn't found anywhere to configure it at jD configurations or menu configuration

After some more investigation, it seems to redirect to any page I navigated before at the same website.
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There are two ways to upload from the front end  One is to use the Add button form a list of downloads.  After the successful Upload it took me back to an Overview of all downloads.  This is usual, recently another user asked if this could be changed to just stay in the same category. 

The other way is from a jDownloads menu item to upload data.  If you call that from a page then jDownloads returns to that page after uploading.  This is normal.  The behavior you reported is to be expected.  jDownloads cannot realistically be expected to know that you have just disabled the menu item from the backend whilst in the upload form at the front end

Or do I have it wrong?