Author Topic: Screenshot image in jDownloads Latest module  (Read 17961 times)

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Screenshot image in jDownloads Latest module
« on: 11.12.2014 18:55:41 »

the module offers the thumbnail to be shown, but not the screenshot itself. I need the bigger image. How can I achieve that?
Thanks for your help.


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Re: Screenshot image in jDownloads Latest module
« Reply #1 on: 13.12.2014 19:10:32 »
Maybe the following will help.  Image01.png is the display  achieved with the setup as shown in Image02.png
This is a pretty basic view as there are no pictures or other things in the downloads.
Image03 is result of changing icon size
Image04.png is change of show thumbnail and show now picture to Yes.  As there are no thumbnail then all show the no picture thumbnail
Image05 is change of thumbnail size
Image06.png shows editing a download to add an Image. (Note if the Download was itself an image file then jDownloads is able to create associated image and thumbnail from that image)
Image07.png shows the result in the Latest Module
Image08.png is result of enlarging thumbnail and turning off th#e Show the No Image thumbnail.

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